The best Thai Movies to watch on Netflix 2021

Thai Movies on Netflix you need to watch

Thai Series & Films

Thai movies are gaining popularity around the world. Netflix is the best place to watch Thai movies these days because it has a wide variety of Thai films available for streaming. You will find many popular Thai movie titles like, “Ayya,” “Monrak Transistor,” and “Mad Mom.” These are only some examples of the amazing content that you can find on Netflix right now.

You can also watch Thai shows on Netflix, if that's your cup of tea. All you have to do is log in to your account and search for your favorite TV show from Thailand!

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Recommended Thai Movies to Stream on Netflix:

Thai films are not as widely available on Netflix, but there are some good Thai movies to stream.

Here are my recommendations for Thai Movies on Netflix:

1. Laddaland (2007)

2. The Beach Bum (2019)

3. Ayla: Daughter of War (2013)

4. The Apartment (2013)

In Thailand, people often enjoy watching movies that are made in their native language and culture. These films often focus on the country’s past and present social issues.

We hope this list will inspire you to check out some of these wonderful Thai Movies.

More Links to popular Thai Series & Movies on Netflix:

Bangkok Buddies (2019)Comedy

A group of monstrous friends struggle through their everyday lives together. Among other things, they have constant money problems, painful love stories and living together.

Bangkok Love Stories: Innocence (2018) – Romantic Drama

In the glamorous Bangkok district of Silom, all kinds of people are looking for great love. A young parkour fan and a lewd restaurant owner will be there.

The Stranded (2019) -Thai Dramas on netflix

A group of students from an elite school is stranded on a secluded island destroyed by a tsunami. When no help comes and mysterious incidents occur, the young people have to forge a plan themselves.

Monkey Twins (2016) – Adventure

A former martial artist teams up with a determined police officer in Thailand. Together they want to take action against an organized crime ring, but drug problems, false loyalty and other things make their work difficult.

Girl from Nowhere (2018) – Drama

An enigmatic and clever girl named Nanno moves from school to school and reveals the lies and misdeeds of the students and teachers at every educational establishment.

Tootsies & The Fake (2019) – Comedy

It's your fault that superstar Cathy can't make her grand entrance. To prevent a million dollar lawsuit, a doppelganger must be found as soon as possible.

The Underclass (2020) – Drama

After being thrown out of the elite program, a student ends up in a dubious high school clique. For them the search for their own identity now begins.

Oh My Ghost (2018) Comedy, Drama

Thai Movies Netflix

A provocative spirit takes possession of a capable but shy cook. Her sudden confidence also catches the eye of her longtime crush.

The above list shows only a small sample of Thai movies on Netflix. If you don't understand Thai, it is possible to add subtitles in English, German and many other languages.

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