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    Where exactly the vagina on Girls body is?

    Where exactly the vagina on Girls body is?
    • Below the hymen
    • Above the perineum but below the labia minoria
    • Everything between their legs
    • Between the cervix and the vulva
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    What percentage of US men masturbate?

    What percentage of US men masturbate
    • 69%
    • 92%
    • 47%
    • 99%
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    How many Americans have had sex at work

    Sex in the Office
    • 5 of 10
    • 1 of 10
    • 8 of 10
    • 3 of 10
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    You know the official name for a foot fetish?

    Foot Fetish
    • Podophilia
    • Katoptronophilia
    • Trichophilia
    • Stigmatophilia
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    To you know the most common sexual fantasy?

    • Exhibitionism
    • BDSM
    • Threesomes
    • Outdoor Sex
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    Which part on a woman body do men find the most attractive?

    • Face
    • Butt
    • Legs
    • Breasts
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    The most searched Google sex question last year?

    Web Surfing
    • How to get a bigger penis manually?
    • How long does sex last?
    • How to make a girl cum?
    • Where is the G-spot?
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    What is the favourite sexual position in the US?

    Missionary Position
    • Doggy Style
    • Missionary
    • Flatiron
    • Pretzel Dip
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    What is the most common STI in the US?

    Sexual Health
    • Syphillis
    • Herpes
    • Chlamydia
    • Gonorrhoea
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    What does the CAT sexual technique meaning?

    CAT Sexual Technique
    • Careful Anal Technique
    • Clitoral Adjustment Thrusting
    • Coital Alignment Technique
    • Cunnilingus And Thrusting

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