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  • VPN Thailand

    VPN in Thailand – 4 good reasons to unlock Internet restictions

    Have you ever thought about using a VPN in Thailand and while traveling? Password theft, series & films that are blocked on Netflix or HBO in Thailand, blocked access just because you have logged into your provider with a Thai IP address? It’s time to think about a VPN in Thailand! But what is a […] More

  • Thailand STV Visa



    3854 USD only for entry into Thailand – The new Corona reality

    Entry into Thailand – Good thing takes time. Thailand has long discussed how and when the borders will be opened to international tourism. Meanwhile a result has been reached. If you want to know if you meet the requirements to enter the Kingdom, read this article. Just as it was before the corona pandemic, booking […] More

  • Pattaya



    Pattaya – Everything you must know

    There are many questions about Pattaya. Here are the most important answers to your questions. Pattaya how to get there:In my post Bangkok to Pattaya – 4 ways from the Airport you can find out, how to get from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport directly to Pattaya. You can choose between Bus, Taxi and Chauffeur service. How […] More

  • Best Thai Sim Card 2021

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    The best Thai SIM Card in 2021

    Thai SIM card It makes sense for every tourist who visits Thailand to get a Thai SIM card for his smartphone to avoid the expensive roaming tariffs. Of course you can buy the best Thai SIM card for travelers in 2021 directly at the airport in Bangkok, but you can read in my post whether […] More

  • Stealth Vaping



    How to: Stealth Vaping Everywhere

    Stealth vaping is not just a trend. It give you the possibility to vape everywhere. But we are sometimes in situations where it is not easily possible to vape. Imagine you can vape now in the cinema, on the bus, train or even in the plane. You can do that with stealth vaping. But be […] More

  • Learning Thai

    Som nam naa – you got what you deserved

    When you come to Thailand for the first time you will gain a lot of new impressions. Even if many Thais speak English in cities like Bangkok and Pattaya, things look different in the province. So that you still know the most important Thai words, I’ll show you here. Always remember that men say kap […] More

  • When does thailand open its borders again?

    When Thailand open it´s borders again?

    On March 25, 2020, Thailand closed its borders to foreign visitors. Airlines are temporarily ceasing operations, followed by lockdowns in many countries. What was still far away in January 2020 is suddenly very close. The corona virus is knocking on the door. Khaosan Road in Bangkok and Walking Street in Pattaya will be closed. Many […] More

  • Visit Pattaya? This thinks you need
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    10 things you need in Pattaya

    There is not much what you have to bring with you when visiting Pattaya, the largest adult City in the world. I’ll show you what 10 things you really need in Pattaya. Before our Travel to Thailand finally starts, the question is what do I actually need in Pattaya? Often the suitcase is stuffed with […] More

  • Bangkok

    Bangkok Nana Plaza to Pattaya Bus

    Sometimes when I come back to Thailand I want spend a few days in Bangkok before i go to Pattaya. From the Airport Bangkok, the Skytrain goes into the city every few minutes and shortly afterwards I’m on Sukhumvit Road and Nana Plaza. But how exactly do I get from Nana Plaza to Pattaya after […] More

  • Girl Friendly Pattaya Hotel

    Girl Friendly Pattaya Hotels 2021

    Girl Friendly Pattaya Hotels – Current List: January 2021 Those who come to Pattaya are usually come for making Party and having Fun with sweet Thai Girls & cute Ladyboys. Pattaya is not exactly known for its beaches. In Pattaya, it’s all about one thing. Whether for short time in the Soi 6 or the […] More

  • Bangkok Airport
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    Bangkok to Pattaya – 4 ways from the Airport

    Bangkok to Pattaya After a long flight, just landing in Bangkok, the question sometimes arises of how to get from Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Airport to Pattaya. Pattaya is only 130km from Bangkok away, but walking is a bit far. Depending on which airline I fly and when I arrive in Bangkok, I take the Bus or […] More

  • Koh Larn Ferry

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    Get a ferry from Pattaya to Koh Larn Island – 2 Ways

    Let´s show you how you get a ferry from Pattaya to Koh Larn Island. Just 4.5 miles / 7 km away from Pattaya is the Island of Koh Larn (Coral Island). Turquoise-Blue sea, clean water and beautiful beaches. The best place relax after a long party night in the Bars from Pattaya with his new […] More