How to: Stealth Vaping Everywhere

Get the possibility to vape everywhere

Stealth Vaping

Stealth vaping is not just a trend. It give you the possibility to vape everywhere. But we are sometimes in situations where it is not easily possible to vape. Imagine you can vape now in the cinema, on the bus, train or even in the plane. You can do that with stealth vaping. But be careful. It is not allowed to vape everywhere

Basically, stealth vaping is very easy to explain. It is not, as one might assume, a term used to refer to retreating unseen to vape, but rather to reduce the visibility of the vapor and other factors. The size of the vape equipment and the aroma of the e-liquid also play a role. Basically, this is about avoiding unpleasant situations. Stealth Vaping is not a science or a missile program.

First of all, you should try to optimize your kit as much as possible for secret vaping. Of course, the smallest possible e-cigarettes (POD Systems) without any noticeable colored decorations are perfect. With regard to the e-liquid, you often have to try something out to find a mixture that produces the most inconspicuous vapor possible and still be enjoyable. Now that the setup is optimal, it's about your own technology, which is the be-all and end-all for stealth vaping.

Stealth vaping techniques:

Hold your breath

One of the best ways to prevent excessive and noticeable vapor build-up is to inhale the vapor deeply. After inhaling, hold your breath for a moment before exhaling the vapor again. This already significantly reduces the conspicuity, while the general effect of the e-cigarette is not reduced. If you use a liquid with 80% PG / 20% VG with this method, no more steam will be visible. In my opinion the best solution for stealt vaping.

Swallow steam

After taking a deep breath, this technique simply requires a single swallow. You exhale slowly and through your nose. The effect of this is easy to explain: more steam is absorbed by the lungs, while the rest is mixed even better with air and thus made less visible.

Breathe in twice

This method is also good for increasing the stealth of vaping. After taking a puff from the e-cigarette, you have to inhale again with this method. Air and steam stay in the lungs for a few seconds before breathing again. You will see that this can significantly reduce the density of the steam again.

Blow on the shirt

This technique is already known to many vapers. Instead of just exhaling the steam normally, the breath is directed down onto the fabric of the shirt. The fabric then immediately absorbs a large part of the steam, which makes it much less visible. However, practice is required here, because if the steam generation is still too great, this method can lead to the fact that you end up with a shirt full of steam, which is really anything but inconspicuous.

The right aroma

The aroma of the e-liquid also has a major influence on the noticeability of vaping. Basically, natural scents are more advisable here. Recommended smells here are citrus, menthol and mint or creamy smells. While the first two can usually be assigned to other causes without any problems and thus hide the steamer, creamy smells have a very restrained scent that shouldn't be particularly noticeable. Tobacco aromas in particular should be avoided, but also all sweet scents, such as those of pastries, strawberries or watermelon, for example. These will immediately attract attention and the attempt to stealthily vape has failed.

What do we need for Stealth Vaping?

  • small eCigarette (small Pod MTL Systems)
  • e Liquid 80%PG / 20% VG with Nicotin


Even if we don't want to hear it, there are also valid reasons that speak against stealth vaping in certain places. The steam can be distracting or leave an unpleasant odor to some people. However, if you are able to reduce all of these properties to such an extent that neither humans nor machines notice the vapor, there is absolutely nothing that speaks against vaping. But here, too, there are a few exceptions. Most airlines prohibit vaping on an airplane. Even if you should be able to pull out the e-cigarette absolutely unseen, you are running a very high risk and violating the regulations could be costly. There is also often a ban on e-cigarettes in the workplace, regardless of any scientific evidence that this technology makes sense. Of course, we advise against vaping at work, but stealth vaping can prove to be a good technique for evading unjustified prohibitions. Finally, there are also public places where vaping is equated with conventional smoking and where the law of the country in question prohibits both forms of nicotine consumption. Many vapers agree that such regulations are silly, especially when the vapor isn't in direct contact with other people. Again, of course, there is a risk that you are willing to take, but the ability to stealthily vape can come in very handy.

Now that you are most likely able to stealth vaping and not attract additional attention, you should still be careful. Depending on the location and the existence of regulations and prohibitions, vaping can lead to a fine, job loss or even a visit to prison. So we strongly advise against vaping in forbidden places. Nevertheless, the reduction of the resulting vapor is a very sensible technique that every vaper should master in order to be able to avoid unpleasant situations.

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